SD German Pinschers


My home-raised dogs make excellent Companions, Pets, Conformation, and or Performance Events stand outs!

When SD pups are ready for 'forever' homes, they leave my home with:

  • Dewclaws removed
  • Tails Docked
  • Ears Cropped
  • Up-to-date shots
  • Micro-Chipped
  • Health Certificate
  • AKC Registration papers


No one is asked to 'show' my German Pinschers.


My contract does stipulate that: If you no longer want or can keep the  GP, I  want it returned to me.


None of my German Pinschers are to go to shelters, puppy mills, or be abandoned.


My German Pinschers are within the AKC Standard:         


  • 17-20 inches high at the withers 
  • 25-40 pounds
  • The AKC Standard does not differentiate whether the German Pinscher is a dog or a bitch

I am an infrequent breeder. My dogs are bred for temperament, type, and family living. They are also Therapy Dogs and enjoy the work. German Pinschers are highly intelligent, easily trainable, very clean, and manipulators! They require love, training, and companionship.

I personally do not recommend German Pinschers for families with children under 8. Infants and toddlers 'squeal' and make quick, sometimes threatening actions. German Pinschers originated in Germany MANY years ago to rid the barns of rats and vermin.

German Pinschers can be raised with cats and children if the parents are vigilant and remember that the adult(s) is/are the 'alpha' dog in the house.

SD German Pinschers are health tested.
My girls are CERF clear (eyes), registered on the CERF website and MUST be retested yearly.

My breeding stock (over 2 years) have OFA # (hips) which is also viewable on-line. OFA is a one-time x-ray and a number assigned based on the formation of hip assembly. Passing ratings are either: Excellent/Good/Fair. The sires to whom I breed are also CERFed and OFAed.


IF you do decide to purchase a GP, {Please ask the potential breeder if he/she health tests.)

Some breeders state that they do test, BUT do NOT submit the paperwork--NOT an acceptable answer! The dogs are not CLEAR and or OFA rated unless the paperwork is submitted with the correct fee and reviewed by specially schooled vets.